Custom Flange Insulation Kits

  • Technical support and the installation procedure will be recommended

  • Each Isolation Gasket Kit is packed individually in durable corrugated boxes with safety protection

  • Free samples are available, 3000-3200 sets producing capacity per month

  • Our isolating gasket kit ensure customers to economically protect and lengthen service life of equipment

  • Custom isolating gasket kit is available upon special request


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Type D Insolation Gasket Kits

Type D gaskets are specifically designed to fit into the ring groove of ring-type-joint flanges. They are manufactured of a medium weave, fabric-reinforced phonemic material, and are sized of ANSI specifications available in basic oval as well as octagonal shapes. Also available are BX gaskets with a pressure rating of 15,000 psi.

Type E Insolation Gasket Kits

Type E is a full-faced gasket with the same outside diameter as the flange and precision cut bolt holes. This design facilitates proper alignment of the gasket during installation and foreign material prevented from shorting the flange isolation. Type E gasket is available in plain face or Nitrile faced phonemic, as well as a variety of high-temperature materials. The standard thickness of 1/8″.

Type F Insulation Gasket Kits

Type F Type F gaskets are made to fit the raised face portion of the flange only. As there are no bolt holes in the “F” gasket. the inside diameter of the bolt hole circle is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the gasket. Assuring an exact, automatic positioning of the gasket. Type F Gaskets are available in the same materials as the Type E Gaskets.

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